Fan Page Robot – 10-in-1 Marketing Software Autoposter to Increase Social Media Followers

Fan Page Robot - 10-in-1 Marketing Software Autoposter to Increase Social Media FollowersClick Image To Visit SiteFan Page Robot is the social media dashboard that many successful marketing firms use to manage and grow fanpages for their clients. More Followers – More Revenue – In Less Time!

Before joining us: small fanbase, 17 new daily followers, managed by manual posting 4 weeks later: 200,000+ post reaches and 1,000+ new followers, that is 36 new daily followers! * Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary.

[Did You Know] Tagging is vital to any social media posts. According to a research by Twitter, social posts with hashtags can increase engagement almost 2x for individuals and 1.5x for businesses.

Research by Quintly, a social media analytics firm, found that Facebook native video posts are shared much more often than any other kind of content and they have average 62% more engagement than photos.

Knowing when to publish a post may mean the difference between it becoming an internet sensation and a big letdown.

The influencers can impact your business and help you create content that resonates with your audience.

Become a smarter marketer today and start to auto post to Facebook, auto post to Instagram without a phone, generate automatic tweets, automatically post from websites to Google My Business (GMB), automatically create posts on Google, Pinterest, Linkedin and Tumblr!

Fan Page Robot integrates all the largest social media networks on the web. You can connect every Facebook fan page or Facebook group you have with a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn and Tumblr account.

As with our WordPress and Bloger integration, when you post to multiple social media accounts, you can customize the text for each of them.

Do you have too many social pages and groups but no time to manage them? Put them on the fully automatic mode, allowing you to save the time would otherwise spend finding topics and posting content.

Fan Page Robot helps you generate leads and increase revenue automatically. Social Media Pages + Online Store, Adsense, Affiliate = Goldmine

The content curation tool gives you only timely and compelling content. It will increase your users’ engagement with your fan pages. The campaign building tool will boost your website traffic.

Do you know we integrate with some popular platforms and networks that will give you instant dofollow backlinks? Fan Page Robot will help you boost your search engine rankings.

There are no steep learning curves here. Our program is so simple that anyone can jump in and start seeing results straight away!

Managing social media accounts for your clients? Got new fan page ideas? Build as many social pages and Facebook groups as you want with the Unlimited Plan. Fan Page Robot does the hard work for you!

Unlike many other websites, we constantly add new features and all of them come with no additional cost. And you can cancel it anytime by yourself. Still unsure? We provide a no-risk refund policy- no questions asked!

Our content curator and autoposter tools support pretty much any languages in the world. French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Hebrew, German…

"Fan Page Robot is a very cool system! It was incredibly easy to get started and attach my social media accounts. Within 10 minutes I had figured out how to work it and was already starting to generate content and post to pages and Facebook groups. I am primarily a B2B company so I really liked the ability to post to all my accounts or select just LinkedIn depending on the content I was posting. This system makes managing my social media strategy campaigns much easier."

"Amazing, this software should be required for anyone doing any real marketing, social media or content distribution online. My Hats off to the developer and client support is above and beyond the best I’ve encountered online thus far! The only possible complaint I have is once I started using it I lost all respect for other software developers I supported in the past! Being a JVZoo software buying junkey, I now realize that was all junk! Fan Page Robot is miles ahead of anything that "claims" to be comparable!"

"I was looking for a social media management system that included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. It’s difficult to find a system that will manage all four. The fact that Fan Page Robot does this plus manages WordPress is an added bonus! The support from this company has been absolutely stellar. They were quick to respond, and sent me screen shots to walk me through what I needed to do. And the content curation feature makes finding and posting relevant content a breeze! I’m delighted!"

"Fan Page Robot is impressive. My Twitter audience is growing daily and the quality of tweets even surprises me at times. My Facebook page makes me look darn good now thanks to Fan Page Robot. The potential to make money with Fan Page Robot is only limited by you. So far it makes me look good professionally and my network is growing. Yes customer service is awesome as well. I felt I must say something here as I hardly post in the forum."

"I bought this program a week or two ago and it’s been amazing! I spent most of my days on Facebook and only did Twitter once a week. Since using this program the last few days I’ve gotten 20-30 retweets- 30-40 new followers and more. To do the posts I do now on a daily basis and do it manually it would take me hours if not the whole day. Now I spend maybe 5-10 minutes and done. I currently use it for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter… CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS BEEN GREATTTTT!"

"I’ve been looking for a social media tool that could do 1 simple thing, post to all of my social media accounts and keep them all organized. I even got so desperate to find a good tool that I started to develop my own WordPress plugin to do exactly what FanPageRobot does. I’m… Read more…