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If you have been trying to make money online, you have certainly come across the so called gurus and their automated systems. So did I!

If you are a Total Newbie, you may not know what I mean by automated systems… but I will tell you why you should NEVER BUY these Push Button Get Rich Quick Systems. (Keep reading to find out…)

Ever Wonder Why Most Internet Marketing "Gurus" Only Seem to Show You Screenshots of Their Clickbank Accounts for Just One Month? (or Maybe Even as Little As One Week?)

Because they are peddling a worthless product or service – and they do it by distracting you with distorted or even fabricated "screenshots", "faked lifestyle photo’s", and "paid for" testimonials!! We have all done it. We heard or read about someone coming from nothing and then building themselves some hugely success website or Internet venture that now seems to "magically" pull in $1,000’s each and every day — virtually on "auto-pilot". As proof, the "guru" gladly provides screenshots from their Clickbank or similar account—and true to their word, their accounts ARE generating $1,000’s each day or $10,000’s each month! Amazed but still dubious, you read on… Stop me if you’ve heard this one… So, as the story goes, this "rags-to-riches phenomenon" has a multi-million dollar enterprise that took them years to build up and — finally achieve mind-boggling success. And to prove to you just how successful they are, they gladly provide you with pics of their fabulous homes, flashy cars, planes, helicopters, etc.

No Internet Marketing "Guru" Story is Complete Without Showing Off Their Toys and Possessions!

They Have Created a New "Automated" System That Will Help You Build the Exact Same Multi-Million Dollar Online Empire As They Did…

In fact, If YOU BUY their INCREDIBLE, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED — "instant push button software" — You Don’t Have To Do Any of the Work — Just BUY NOW, Download and YOU’LL Be Up and Running in Minutes!!!

Now let’s be honest here… Who Would Honestly Believe That You Could Make $1,000’s Each and Every Day By Using Their Automated System — While the Rest of the World Had to Go Out and Actually Suck It UP and… "Go to a Real Job and Work 40 Hours a Week" for a Fraction of the Money They Promise YOU?

I burned thousands of dollars of my hard earned money by buying into all these scams… from article spinning programs that would supposedly generate 1,000’s of effortless articles and drive visitors flocking to my site to automatic link-building programs — I’ve wasted more than $10,000 and countless hours on pure and total rehashed junk!

So Why Do We Keep Falling For and Buying Into "Pie in the Sky" Automatic Money Making Systems and Fake Internet Marketing Schemes When They Are So Clearly Fakes and We All Know… "Too Good to Be True"?

I was greedy. I honestly believed the B.S. sales pitch because I truly couldn’t help myself — I desperately wanted to be "one click away" from the lifestyle of my dreams.

So the first couple of automated systems I purchased were simply me chasing the fancy houses, cars, and high end lifestyle splashed all over the sales pages I was reading — they got me hooked with their fancy sales pitch, and rag to riches stories… but I quickly got over that childish fantasy! (Especially when the credit card bills started to mount up!)

Even though the first couple automated systems I bought were complete flops and I never made a cent from them…

In all seriousness here is the unvarnished truth… Unless you plan on becoming a doctor, winning the lottery, or having some wealthy relative drop out of the sky and hand you a pile of money…

The Internet Is The Best, and Most Realistic Way for the Average Man or Woman to Break Out of their "Lifestyle Rut" and Legitimately Earn a 6-7 Figure Income in the Next 5-10 Years!

You Get Serious About Your Online Business, And With The Right Knowledge Build Your Own Income Generating Online Business!

Going back to 5 years ago, all of my research and instincts told me the Internet was my most realistic path to making a lot of money. I knew it could give me the income I desired so I could be living the life I truly wanted — instead of always "settling" for something less. I was sick of living my life that way, maybe you are too! So despite my failures with the first two products I purchased being complete flops (and a tragic waste of my time AND hard-earned money) I was determined to find a system that actually produced real results!

And by real results I mean a steady income from my online business one I could count on to make me money, day after day and month after month and year after year. After much trial and error (more error than I want to admit…) I had to face the truth that most automated systems didn’t even help me generate a single sale — let alone flood my bank account with $15,000 or more each and every month!

What was I doing wrong? I had… Read more…